Body Services

Macadamian BodyRitual

Starting at $199

Inspired by the ancient healing of Ayurvedic practices designed to increase circulation, detoxify and restore vitality and peace. This ritual begins with an exfoliating body scrub, infused with Macadamia oil to eliminate toxins and improves metabolism. A warm milk bath is prepared for your relaxation, hydration and time to quiet the mind and soothe the soul while enjoying a hot herbal tea or wine of your choice. The massage is the final experience in the journey. A warm cream with a Macadamia base will soften the muscles and hydrate the skin. This experience is designed to keep the body in balance and promote mental and physical well being.

Enhance your Body Ritual experience with the benefits of CBD for an additional fee of $35

Steam Dream Body Detox

Starting at $140

This private sauna treatment is relaxing, yet effective. Experience the benefits this detoxification which aims to enhance health, improve appearance, reduce stress, reduce cellulite, and diminish the effects of aging. It also promotes weight loss and pain relief. This treatment begins with a dry brush to open the pores for the release of toxins, followed by a light rubbing of oil. Then you will be placed under our steam canopy where our therapist will customize your treatment with aromatherapy essential oils to soothe and enrich the skin while detoxing and promoting deep relaxation.


Raindrop Therapy

Starting at $140

Raindrop Therapy is a powerful, non-invasive and application of specific oils. These powerful antiviral and antibacterial therapeutic grade essential oils are used along the spine to restore balance. The specific techniques used to apply the oils promote harmony of the whole person; physically, mentally and emotionally. This very relaxing treatment will renew your energy, clear your head and help to eliminate toxins that lie dormant in the body.

Macadamia BodySilk

Starting at $140

Revitalize your skin using a natural sea salt and oil mixture to give a deep exfoliation. You will enjoy being cocooned while moisture soaks in to reveal radiant skin. A relaxing Vichy shower is followed by a final hydration using Hydra Opulence to seal in moisture.

Body Nourishing Treatment

Starting at $140

Guest enjoys a neck and shoulder massage while they are cocooned to allow the painted on moisturizing body mask to soak in. An application of Body Melt concludes this nourishing experience.

Lime Blossom Body Scrub

Starting at $140

Lime Blossom sugar scrub exfoliates and intensely hydrates to reveal softer, radiant skin in this shower less treatment.